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My name is Jeff Salem and I live in Brampton, Ontario and I am a hot sauce maker and a professional musician. I have toured and performed in over 70 countries sharing my passion of music as well as on the search for making a perfect hot sauce.  The eagerness to start making hot sauce was fueled by all the frustration I would have dinning in many restaurants on tour and requesting hot sauces for dinner. Most of the hot sauces I would receive were filled with chemicals, too much water, sugar and lots of sodium. I thought to myself there has to be a solution. Why can’t there be a hot sauce where we compliment the pepper with mostly just fruits and vegetables. That’s were my voyage and mission began.

In my travels I have gained knowledge to create a great line of hot sauces that combines wonderful flavours and just the right amount of heat.  

With my name being Salem, the theme around my sauces has a haunting look and titles. I only use fresh natural ingredients and prepare everything at Rootham's Gourmet located in Guelph, ON. 

All my sauces are Gluten Free, All Natural, No Preservatives, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Nut & Dairy Free. 



"I love hot sauces…and I love Salem’s Lott hot sauces most of all. Each one in the line-up provides a great and distinct flavor with stepped-up levels of heat – from a quick “head shake” to a “curl your toes” kind of heat that breathes life into your food. Jeff’s recipes, care and fresh ingredients ensures a punchy, percussive hot sauce experience – enjoy”  -Darrell McNeil!!

“Ferrari’s are made by hand and so is Salem’s Hot Sauce. It’s no coincidence.”  -Kelly Jordan.

“Salem’s Hot Sauce is the equivalent of drinking 30 year old Scotch. Once you have it, you can’t go back.”  -Matt McFarland

I am so excited to see Jeff Salem make his pitch to the Dragons. Jeff has a wonderfully unique product. We have sampled his entire line of hot sauces and hot mustard. We have almost every bottle in our refrigerator! We enjoy them as a condiment as well as cooked into our favourite recipes. The flavours are amazing!- Yvonne Quackenbush

“Salem’s Lott hot sauce is the best hot sauce I have ever tried.  It is like a meal to me.  I cannot seem to eat most of my meals without adding even just a dab.”  -Karen Wallace

“In some circles I’m considered a hot sauce afficianado. Salem’s Lott sauce compares with the best of them in both heat & flavor.”  -Tony Cutrone

I have been a customer of Jeff’s for a long time and I thoroughly enjoy his product! Jeff’a sauces are versatile and offer a different flavour to pair with any meal you prepare, there is even you can use with dessert! I am so excited to see Jeff share his pitch with the Dragon’s! I have no doubt he will make a lasting impression! His flavours are so amazing I have a shelf dedicated just for them in my refrigerator!- Isabelle Rivaletto

“This hot sauce is so good that sometimes I literally take spoonfuls of it. ”  -Michael James

“I have tasted over 50 different hot sauces and I must confess, none compare to the amazing flavour of Salem’s Lott.  Hot sauce lovers, you MUST try Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces”. -Jan Kershaw


 “North Muskoka has been savouring the awesome flavours of Salems Lott Hot Sauces for over a year now and its clear………they love it.”  Andy Muller Detective OPP Central Region



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